Transgender- Is it a medical disorder?
Anullekha Naidu
Transgender- Is it a medical disorder?
A psychological state is considered as mental disorder only if it causes significant distress or disability.But transgender people do not experience any discomfort with their thinking, this suggests that transgender is not a mental disorder. The obstacles faced by them are lack of acceptance within the society, direct or indirect discrimination and assault. These experiences can make them suffer from mental disorders like anxiety, depression etc. Otherwise their identity as transgender by them -selves is not a problem for them. In this article transgender particularly refers to homosexual individuals in both male and female communities.
Various studies have shown that selecting the person of the same sex is not a choice. There are many factors which influence.

-  They may be shaped by the social and cultural context
-  The environment in which they were grown
- Hormonal nature of their body.
- They may have aversion towards opposite sex due to their own personal experiences.
In reality, we all know that sexual desire is deeply subject to social, cultural, and historical forces. Homosexuality was practised since ancient times. It was even recorded in greek literature.
Certain studies say that some sort of genetic relationship is identified with homosexuality.

There are certain questions from my point of view -
1. Does sexual attraction towards the same sex disqualify a person from being a human being?
2.Hormones are naturally evolved in human body. The higher levels of estrogen and progesterone dominate feminine nature while higher levels of testosterone dominate male nature. But both are found in both sexes. Variation in their levels may make these attractions possible?
3.There is a possibility to perform hormonal therapy to change these variations, but it is at the very high risk of the person’s emotions which may have greater impact on his or her life.
This article is not meant for supporting homosexuality, but according to my personal opinion they is no necessity to treat them as sinners because it is not their voluntary mistake.
Even insane has an opportunity to escape from the crime whereas homosexuals in our country are not. Every person has right to live according to their wish until it doesn’t effect the society nor themselves.  This is a topic where there is the necessity of all the doctors to discover the actual reason for their behavior. Research is going on o this aspect on how to deal with this? Whether as a mental disorder? An offense? Or to leave it as their personal life?

There is no conclusion for this article as there is no answer available for this and is still debatable. The purpose of writing this article is, we are in a country where the spell of homosexual itself is treated as an offense, where those little percent of homosexual population are facing difficulty to strive and survive. Let us not treat it as an offense because there is no harm to the society nor them either.

Ofcourse , it is out of customs, cultures and natural creation…. May be it is a third creation of god…. we don’t know.
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