Trauma Management: A Review from Both Surgical and Non-Surgi
Introduction: Despite higher economic status and better societal infrastructure, trauma still persists in developed nations. The present paper is based upon a trauma case report, with aims to identify the unique social, cultural, economic and behavioral factors contributing to this health problem in Australia, as well as the relevant surgical anatomy for educational purposes.

Case History: A twenty-six year old male patient presented to the emergency department with a stab wound to the left chest. The patient was found to have cardiac tamponade and hemopneumothorax, with resultant cardiogenic and hypovolemic shock. Patient was resuscitated and underwent definite surgical management, and ultimately had recovered well.

Discussion: Alcohol-related trauma is widespread even in a developed country such as Australia. The present paper discusses the cultural, economical and behavioral factors that contribute to the prevalence to the problem. Also discussed in the present paper are, relevant surgical anatomy and a systemic approach to manage trauma, for educational purposes....