'Tree man Illness' - Girl has developed 'roots' on her cheek
A 10-year-old girl in Bangladesh suffers from epidermodysplasia verruciformis (EV) - also known as the 'tree man illness'. EV is a rare and inherited skin disorder which creates wart-like lesions anywhere on the body. The condition is caused by infection with HPV and in order to inherit the disease two abnormal EV genes, one from each parent, must be present.

No serious treatment against EV has been found, yet several treatments have been suggested.

Notable cases include a Romanian man named Ion Toader who was diagnosed with the condition in March 2007, and the Dede Koswara, from Indonesia.

Shahana's story comes just two weeks after a Bangladeshi man suffering from the same condition was treated.

Abul Bajandar has had at least 16 operations to remove 11lbs of growths from his hands and feet since his condition came to doctors' attention a year ago.

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Dr. R●●●t K●●●r A●●●a
Dr. R●●●t K●●●r A●●●a General Surgery
What should be the treatment ??
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Dr. p●●●a s●●●●●i
Dr. p●●●a s●●●●●i General Medicine
How to treat this type of condition??
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Dr. S●●●●●a R●o
Dr. S●●●●●a R●o Dermatology
Oral retinoids have shown to be helpful .v had treated this condition n a similar case .the lesions on the face can be excised or co2 lasercan be used to treat em. the patient need to b on constant follow up since the chances of SCC in these patients as well as the lesions are high !
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