Triphallia (triple penis), the first reported case in human
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A 3-month-old child, who is native Kurd from Duhok city, presented by his parents because of left sided scrotal swelling and 2 skin projections in the perineum. There was negative history for drug exposure during pregnancy. The family history for any relevant genetic abnormalities and psychosocial histories were also negative.

The general examination revealed no abnormal findings. Examination of the genitalia revealed evince of a left-sided scrotal swelling which was trans-illuminating on applying light suggesting a hydrocele. There was evidence of two projections in the perineum, the first one was about 2 cm in length with glans and was attached to the root of the penis, and the third one was about 1 cm and was below the scrotum, the two projections were consistent with supernumerary penises

Ultrasound examination of the abdomen, kidneys, ureters, and urinary bladder showed no other associated anomalies. Surgery was performed under general anesthesia, during surgery the hydrocele sac (the patent processus vaginalis) was ligated at the inguinal canal.

The two supernumerary penises were extending up to the perineal region and were attached to the original penis, both had corpora cavernosum and spongiosum with no urethra inside. Both supernumerary penises were excised and both corpora were sutured with a fine slowly absorbable suture material, the skin was then sutured with fine interrupted suture material.

The operation was performed by a consultant urologist who is an expert in the field of uro-surgery and penile reconstruction. The patient was discharged with no postoperative events and follow up was done for one year with no reported adverse events. The family was advised about regular visits especially at the time of puberty and before marriage.