Tubulo-interstitial Nephritis and Uveitis aassociated Fancon
Tubulo-interstitial Nephritis and Uveitis (TINU) syndrome is a rare oculo-renal inflammatory disease. Renal tubular defects are usually found, but full proximal tubular abnormalities have rarely been described.

Published in the journal BMC Nephrology, the authors report the case of a 55-year old woman, presenting with bilateral, non-granulomatous, anterior uveitis, mild renal insufficiency, leucocyturia and glycosuria. Further work-up showed hypophosphatemia and hyperphosphaturia, hypouricemia and hyperuricosuria, and hyper aminoaciduria, consistent with Fanconi syndrome.

A kidney biopsy was obtained and showed diffuse interstitial infiltrates with tubular necrosis. The patient improved after the initiation of a corticosteroid therapy, with tapering dose.

Learning Points:-
- This association mostly occurs in adult woman, without current evidence for an ethnic predilection, unlike previously reported.

- The renal prognosis seems favorable after corticosteroid therapy, even in case of severe renal injury. Nonetheless mild tubular defects may persist after treatment or spontaneous remission.

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