Two Cases Of Papillary Fibroelastoma Obstructing Coronary Os
Case Reports
A 40 year old female without significant past medical history admitted for elective surgical removal of an aortic valve fibroelastoma causing intermittent myocardial ischemia [fig 1]. Following induction with etomidate & fentanyl, the patient became hypotensive. EKG monitors displayed SVT and marked ST-depressions. She was stabilized, and while invasive lines were being placed, she had a single episode of ventricular fibrillation and loss of blood pressure. TEE noted global hypokinesis. She was successfully treated with 50 seconds of chest compressions and defibrillation followed by emergent thoracotomy & initiation of cardiopulmonary bypass. The aortic valve was accessed & a 2cm tumor on the left coronary cusp was excised...