Two studies highlight risk of fetal Zika damage
Pinning down the likelihood of birth defects in pregnant women with Zika virus has been an urgent research need, and two new cohort studies—one from Brazil and one from the United States—reported initial findings that show different rates for the two groups but shed more light on the connection between pregnancy exposure and birth defects.

In another key development, researchers have shown for the first time that Zika virus can replicate and persist not only in fetal brains—and even in babies after birth—but also in the placentas of pregnant women.

The Brazil-based study, published yesterday in the New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM), updates a preliminary report from March that compared outcomes in Brazilian pregnant women who did and didn't have Zika. The final report found that 42% of babies who contract the virus from symptomatic mothers during pregnancy may have birth defects....
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