Type-1 Aort?c D?sect?on: A Case Report
Case Report
A 50 year old male patient came to our ER with chest pain. In his anamnesis, he reported a chest pain that is like the stabbing of a knife into his chest and abdomen. The ache was going on for about a week, from time to time. It is understood that he had been to the public hospital, had prediagnosed as an Acute Coroner Syndrome patient and had been transferred. In his physical examination, his blood pressure was 140/70 mmHg and pulse was 64 /min. He was conscious, oriented and cooperated. His pulse was taken periodically. ECG was in sinus rhythm and there were no symptoms of ischemia. His cardiac markers were analyzed. They were between normal values. Because his pain continued, with the prediagnosis of Pulmonary Emboli, his contrasted thorax CT was taken. In his CT scan, an ascending aortic and a descending aortic dissection up to the iliac bifurcation was present. (Fig. 1-2) An urgent operation was planned for the patient....