UK health minister tests positive for Coronavirus
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United Kingdom Health Minister Nadine Dorries said Tuesday she has tested positive for coronavirus. The conservative politician and first member of parliament to contract the virus said she is self-isolating and took “all advised precautions” upon learning of her diagnosis.

A total of 382 people have been diagnosed with the virus in the U.K., and six have died.
“Public Health England has started detailed contact tracing and the department and my parliamentary office are closely following their advice,” Dorries said in a statement issued through the country's health department.
The Times reported that Dorries met hundreds of people in Parliament over the past week and attended a reception with Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

With the number of coronavirus cases in the U.K. set to rise, National Health Service (NHS) England said it would ramp up capacity to test people for the virus, meaning 10,000 tests per day could be carried out. Currently, capabilities allow for only 1,500 tests per day.

The U.K. Foreign Office has warned Britons against all but essential travel to Italy, which is experiencing the worst outbreak outside China. The Foreign Office is advising anyone arriving in the country from Italy since Monday to self-isolate for 14 days. The government has reserved a Holiday Inn near Heathrow Airport for people arriving from abroad to self-isolate, according to the BBC.

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