USFDA designates Indian invention a ‘breakthrough device’ fo
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The Centre for Devices and Radiological Health (CDRH) of the US Food and Drug Administration (USFDA) has designated Cytotron—a device invented in India by a Bengaluru scientist—as a “Breakthrough Device” in the treatment of liver, pancreas and breast cancers.

Cytotron aids in tissue engineering of cancer cells to alter or modify how specific proteins are regulated to cause cancer cells to stop multiplying and spreading.

Cytotron was invented in India by Rajah Vijay Kumar at the Centre for Advanced Research and Development (CARD) after nearly 30 years of research in understanding cellular pathways and interactions with specifically modulated fast radio bursts.

“It is been a great feeling that after so many years of hard work against all odds, a prestigious institution like the USFDA is designating our work as a “breakthrough” in the treatment of three notorious cancers,” Kumar said in a statement.

He told TOI that the recognition—which comes his way because there haven’t been any new technologies in cancer treatment—is more valuable because it is unheard of that an Indian device gets a ‘breakthrough’ status assigned to it by the US.

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K●●●●●●h S●●h
K●●●●●●h S●●h General Medicine
Its an anticancer kit. why is plexus showing pic of CT scan for it. its a treatnent modality, not a diagnostic tool
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Dr. K●●●●l P●●●●●t
Dr. K●●●●l P●●●●●t Internal Medicine
Dear Dr Kaustubh, cytotron is a rotational field quantum magnetic resonance device and it uses fast radio bursts with both electric and magnetic component of electromagnetic signals. So the image used above is a similar representational one!
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A●●l A●●●●●l
A●●l A●●●●●l General Medicine
I am attached with the inventor of the machine, in case any one wish to know more about it you can connect with me or call me on 8169952349. Thanks
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