Ultrasound devices to be mapped
Health Ministry to check diagnostic centres in every State to end malpractices. In an attempt to identify unauthorised and unregistered diagnostic centres in the country, the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MoFW) has decided that all ultrasound machines in States will be mapped. The mapping will be carried out by the authorities in States visiting every centre and recording details of the devices.

On Sunday, the official handle of MoFW tweeted, “Ultrasound machines in the States will be mapped to identify unregistered/unauthorised facilities providing diagnostics.” While regularising the diagnostic facilities is the main aim, curbing sex determination tests and female foeticide is another important aspect of the move, which will help reduce the thousands of unregistered sonography centres that have mushroomed over the years.

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All usg machines except radiologists and super specialists should be banned otherwise only registering is a another drama.
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