Unborn baby removed from womb for treatment and then put bac
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A ground-breaking operation of its kind, an unborn baby was removed from mother's womb for corrective surgery before being put back to the womb.

The astonishing procedure to treat the baby was conducted in London after a routine 20-week scan showed unborn baby's head, not of the right measurement. The referred hospital confirmed the baby suffering from Spina bifida.

The expecting parents were offered to either continue the pregnancy, termination of pregnancy or to seek fetal surgery to fix the disorder before the baby's birth - only conducted at Belgium and operated on three other expecting mothers in the UK.

The fetal repair was conducted at 24 weeks of pregnancy by a team of renowned Belgian and UK surgeons. The team corrected the part of the spinal cord affected and then placed the baby back in the patient's womb.

Spina bifida is a birth defect falling into a category of neural tube defects. In babies with spina bifida, a portion of the neural tube fails to develop or close properly during fetus development, causing defects in the spinal cord and in the bones of the spine.

The rate of occurrence of Spina bifida in India is higher in comparison to other developed countries, varying from 1-5 per 1,000 live births in different Indian states.

Read the story here in detail: https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/baby-removed-mum-bes-womb-13982381
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Indian doctors can undoubtedly take up such surgery because it involves opening the uterus and partial delivery of the baby to expose the affected vertebral column, do the surgery and then closing in the reverse sequence filling the uterus with fluid that serves as amniotic fluid for some time till nature takes over. The chances of premature labour and complications cannot be ruled out. In Indian conditions the doctors' chances of survival is zero if there' s any complications and if by chance the doctors escape the judiciary and legal system will not allow them( because it' s a teamwork) to escape; either the doctors will be paupers or compelled to commit suicide.... Read more
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Hats off to modern medical innovations helping the generations in all pathological conditions with genius medical&surgical; fraternity
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What about liquor, bleeding...
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