Uncommon Hydatid Cyst in Lung in a 54 year old
Case Report
54 years male patient presented with cough and shortness of breath. On auscultation, bronchial breathing sound was heard over left apical lung field. Chest x-ray revealed circular lesion in left upper lobe (Figure 1). Computed tomography (CT) showed unilocular cystic mass measuring 4.5 cm × 7.8 cm × 5.6 cm in dimensions, in left upper lobe with subsegmental atelectasis of adjacent parenchyma (Figures 2 and 3). Similar cystic mass was also seen in right lobe of liver (Figures 4 and 5). CT features suggested hydatid cyst, the diagnosis was confirmed by ELISA for echinococcus. Subsequently, oral albendazole therapy was started. After smooth anesthesia induction, left side double lumen tracheal tube was inserted to isolate lung ventilation. Left lateral thoracotomy was performed for enucleation of intact cyst (Figure 6). Patient was stable and postoperative course was smooth...