Unilateral Condylar Hyperplasia: A Case Report
Condylar Hyperplasia (CH) is a bone disease characterized by the increased development of mandibular condyle. It regularly presents as an active growth with facial asymmetry generally without pain. Published in Annals of Clinical Case Reports the authors present a case of unilateral condylar hyperplasia in 35 year old female managed successfully by surgical intervention.

A 35 year old female patient reported to us with a chief complaint of facial asymmetry. She had a history of trauma to the lower jaw during childhood for which she had not undergone any treatment. On extra-oral examination patient had facial asymmetry, flattening seen on the left side of the face with appearance of fullness on right side of the face.

A bony swelling in the left pre-auricular region was evident measuring about 1.5 cms x1.5 cms. On opening of the mouth patient had deviation of the lower jaw towards the right side. On radiographic examination, OPG shows gross enlargement of the left condyle and Loss of antegonial notching with downward bowing of the inferior border on the mandible. CT scan revealed a hyperplastic left condyle with elongated neck.

An outward and downward growth of the body and ramus of the mandible on the affected side, deviation of mandible and chin to the opposite side, slanted occlusal plane for dental compensation, and deviation of dental midlines were evident. There was asymmetry of the left hemi mandible and outward protrusion of the anterior teeth.

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