Unusual Cause of Recurrent Chest Pain: Catamenial Pneumothor
Case Report -

A 19-year old girl who consults for sudden right chest pain that occurs on the first day of the menstrual cycle. She reported regular menstrual cycles. But she complained of dysmenorrhea associated to ovarian endometriosis.

Physical examination -

- Tachycardia, normal respiratory rhythm, normal oxygen saturation but lack of vocal vibrations and breathe sounds in right side.

- Chest X-ray showed total right pneumothorax. A chest tube was set up successfully.

- During the surgery, there was no macroscopic lesion objectified. The patient had no pleural biopsy.

- One month later, she consults for the same pain. Chest X-ray showed partial right pneumothorax. The patient underwent a pleural chemical and mechanical refreshing. The patient was treated by Decapeptyl

- 8 months later, the patient consults for sudden left chest pain that occurs on the middle of the menstrual cycle...

What is the likely diagnosis and line of treatment?

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Catamenial pneumothorax.. due to thoracic endometriosis
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