Unwanted growth of body and facial hair can be problematic f
Dr. Aman Sharma
Unwanted growth of body and facial hair can be problematic for both men and women. One can experience unwanted hair on different parts of their body, such as arms, legs, underarms, chest, stomach, and back. Usually, people consider conventional treatments like waxing, threading, tweezing, etc. to get rid of unwanted body hair. But these methods result in pain, ingrown hair, and skin irritation. These traditional hair removal methods provide temporary results and require a dedicated amount of time every 15 days to maintain the results. On the other hand, laser hair reduction is a revolutionary treatment that helps remove unwanted body hair using laser energy and provides long-lasting results. The best laser hair removal treatment in Delhi is provided in Dr. Kandhari’s Skin and Dental Clinic using the most advanced lasers under the supervision of Dr. Rajat Kandhari, a well known cosmetic and aesthetic dermatologist. The clinic uses a high power diode laser system treatment to provide long-lasting results. The laser procedure uses light energy of different wavelengths depending on the skin color and hair type, to destroy the hair follicles and prevent further hair growth. The treatment is completely safe and effective for any skin type. To undergo the treatment of laser hair reduction in Delhi, visit today at Dr. Kandhari’s Skin and Dental Clinic.
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