Ureteral Clip Migration Following Laproscopic Hysterctomy
The present case has been published in the Journal of Medical Cases.

A 45-year-old lady presented with repeated episodes of right flank pain for 3 weeks. Her past history was significant for laparoscopic hysterectomy for polymyomatous uterus 1 year ago. Plain radiography of the abdomen revealed a 5-mm opacity projected over the pelvic portion of the right ureter. The renal ultrasonography showed moderate right ureterohydranephrosis without detectable lithiasis. Abdominopelvic computed tomography scan revealed a 0.5-cm opacity (arrow) on the right lower ureter

Ureteroscopy with the patient under general anesthesia revealed metalic foreign body at the lower right ureter with incomplete stenosis that was dilated by a balloon.

The medium-sized surgical clip was identified and removed using a dormia basket device and a double J stent was placed for 2 months. At 3-month follow-up, the patient was asymptomatic with absolutely normal renal function test and absence of ureterohydonephrosis in abdomen ultrasonography.

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