Urolithiasis mortality rate high in lower income nations
Results of a study analyzing global trends in mortality attributable to urolithiasis show that the rate declined over a recent 20-year period.This pattern, however, was generally seen only in richer countries while lower income nations continue to suffer much higher urolithiasis-related mortality rates, reported David Bayne, MD, at the 2016 AUA annual meeting in San Diego.

Analysis showed that between 1990 and 2010, population-weighted global mortality from urolithiasis decreased by 27.5%, but this decrease was far greater in higher income countries relative to lower income countries. Using GDP to categorize countries into four income groups (low, lower-middle, upper-middle, and high) showed that while the mortality rate declined steadily and by more than 50% over the study period in the upper middle and high-income countries, it was essentially unchanged in the low and lower middle countries.