Use of balloon tamponade in management of vaginal laceration
Postpartum hemorrhage from vaginal lacerations can occasionally be refractory to suturing and vaginal packing. Bakri uterine balloon has been widely adopted to stop uterine bleeding, but its use to stop bleeding in vaginal lacerations and its possible complications have seldom been reported.

Here reported the case of a patient who had vacuum delivery for fetal distress and subsequently had postpartum hemorrhage due to previous caesarean uterine scar rupture and multiple vaginal lacerations. The severe bleeding persisted despite total abdominal hysterectomy, pelvic embolization and vaginal gauze packing, but was finally controlled by a Bakri balloon tamponade inserted into the vagina. The patient suffered from severe stress incontinence after delivery. The possible use of balloon tamponade in vaginal lacerations and the different types of vaginal balloons that are available in the market for this purpose are reviewed. The possible causes leading to stress incontinence is reported to alert the obstetrician that such management is not free of complications.

The use of Bakri balloon can help to control bleeding in severe vaginal lacerations that are unresponsive to traditional vaginal gauze packing. Further studies are needed to evaluate the risks of stress incontinence as a possible complication of vaginal balloon tamponade.