Uterine Myometrial Calcification Indicates Atherosclerosis R
In this cross-sectional study, we assessed 81 postmenopausal women without gynecological complaints for cardiovascular risk factors, UMC, and CIMT. Participants were divided into two risk groups according to their cardiovascular risk factors. a moderately positive correlation was detected between CIMT and UMC scores (r = 0.62). There was a significant relationship between UMC scores and atherosclerotic cardiovascular risk; the risk of atherosclerosis was 15.4 times higher in participants with a high UMC score (2). According to the multivariable logistic regression model adjusted by age and duration of menopause, the risk of cardiovascular atherosclerosis increased 27.8 fold for those with CIMT of 0.075 or greater and 9.2 fold for those with a UMC score of 2 or greater.

Source: https://journals.lww.com/menopausejournal/Abstract/9900/Uterine_arcuate_artery_calcification_as_a.10.aspx