Uterine angioleiomyoma, a distinct variant of uterine leiomy
Uterine angiolieomyoma is one of the extremely rare variant and only six cases have been reported in the literature up to date. The present case has been reported in the Allied Journal of Clinical Pathology Research.

A 42-year-old woman P7+1, all SVD, presented with a chief complaint of severe dysmenorrhea and cyclic lower abdominal pain recurring for more than 2 years. Pelvic ultrasound was performed and showed a usual fibroid mass of 9 × 8 cm.

Grossly, tumour received in formalin; consist of single piece of fibrous grey-tan mass, measured 14 × 11 × 9 cm. Sectioning showed worlly appearance with some hemorrhagic area. On microscopic examination, it showed interlacing less wellordered, smooth muscle bundle intersecting each other with fusiform cells without no mitosis seen in 10/HPF. Numerous thick-walled vessels with partially patent lumens are seen, interpreted in between hyalinised areas. There was no evidence of atypia or malignancy.

Immunohistochemistry (CD34 & SMA) were performed using manual procedure which encompasses antigen retrieval and applying the labelled antibody. CD34 showed positive expression of the endothelial cells lining the vascular spaces. SMA showed positive stain in the vascular wall as well as the leiomyoma fascicles. The patient went home in good condition, and returned to her usual daily activities, two weeks after the operation.

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