Vaccination Against Tuberculosis Has Influence On The Epidem
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A research showed that the spread of the new coronavirus infection occurs more slowly where there is a large percentage of people vaccinated against tuberculosis with the BCG vaccine.

An analysis of statistical data was conducted and It showed that the mortality rate turned out to be lower in those countries and areas where national vaccine immunization programmes have taken place for a long time or continue today, especially if revaccinations were practiced.

BCG vaccine in Russia is given once in a lifetime for newborns. But it is the early and long-term influence of the vaccine strain on the developing immune system that enhances the body's immune reaction to various antigens, including many infectious ones.

COVID-19 can cause autoimmune complications, so the properties of BCG can be of benefit in this regard. According to statistics, in countries practicing neonatal BCG vaccination, there has been an overall decrease in infant mortality.

BCG vaccine serves as a trigger for a trained immune system response that activates monocytes, macrophages and natural killer cells - that power in the non-antigen-specific protective programmes of the body. The causative agent of the new coronavirus infection and BCG have common peptides, which means that induction of cross-immunity is possible.

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