Vaccinations Reduce Chance Of Covid Death In India To 0.4%:
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Vaccines targeting Covid-19 are able to curb deaths and hospitalization in patients substantially, including those infected by the highly-transmissible delta variant that drove India's devastating second wave and is now triggering curbs from Los Angeles to Melbourne. About 0.4% died among those who got infected after inoculation while nearly 10% needed hospitalization, according to a new study by researchers led by Indian Council of Medical Research's Nivedita Gupta.

The study, which analyzed genome sequencing data of 677 Covid patients, found 86% of the fully-vaccinated cases were due to the delta variant. The findings underscore the crucial role of shots in preventing extreme outcomes among Covid sufferers and allays doubts around vaccine efficacy especially with respect to the delta variant that has rapidly spread to at least 104 countries.

"This clearly suggests that vaccination reduces severity of disease, hospitalization and mortality," said the study. "Therefore, enhancing the vaccination drive and immunizing the populations quickly would be the most important strategy to prevent further deadly waves of the Covid-19 and would reduce the burden on the health care system."

Among those analyzed in the study, 592 people had received both the vaccine doses while 85 had only one dose. India has predominantly injected people with AstraZeneca Plc's Covishield -- a traditional vector-based shot whose efficacy against the delta variant has been dogged with concerns compared to the highly-effective messenger RNA vaccines from Pfizer Inc. and Moderna Inc.

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