Vaccine Acceptance Not Optimal Among Medics: Study
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A study involving medical and dental professionals in different hospitals in Punjab and Uttar Pradesh has shown that they have suboptimal levels of acceptance and attitude towards the anti-Covid vaccines. Low acceptance for vaccines among the group has been attributed to their hesitancy due to safety issues, development of vaccines in an emergency and unforeseen effects.

A total of 520 professionals -- 283 dental and 237 medical health – participated in the study conducted to assess the attitude and acceptance of healthcare professionals towards Covid-19 vaccines. Of these, 182 were deployed on Covid related duties at their respective workplace. As many as 45.5% of dental staff and 48.4% of medical healthcare professionals showed concern regarding unforeseen effects of vaccines.

More than 40% of the subjects preferred natural immunity over vaccines. About 37% of them were not willing to get vaccinated while 35% reported that they would not recommend vaccines to others. Overall, 65% of participants showed a positive attitude towards vaccination and the findings were significantly associated with the working profile of participants. Willingness to get vaccinated was 3.45 higher in subjects who were involved in Covid duties.

The fact that vaccination should be compulsory for all citizens of India was emphasised by 76.6% of medical and 78% of dental professionals. The study concluded: “The rate of acceptance of Covid-19 vaccine among participants was suboptimal though 65% of subjects showed a positive attitude towards the vaccine.”

To reduce vaccine doubtfulness, it has been recommended that personalised policies be formulated to address the concerns highlighted in the study. The experts have laid stress on organising educational programmes among health care workers to eliminate their doubts concerning the vaccine.

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