'Vaccine tourism': Mumbai-based travel company offers four-d
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Calling it their attempt to develop “vaccine tourism”, a Mumbai-based travel company has offered to fly those who want to get a dose to the US for a four-day stay for a cost of Rs 1.75 lakh.

“Be among the first to get Corona vaccine,” said the teaser message, which has been doing the rounds on WhatsApp this week.

“As soon as the Pfizer vaccine is officially published to sell in America (tentative date December 11), we are ready to get done for a select few VVIP clients,” it says.

The cost will include to-and-fro airfare from Mumbai to New York, a stay for three nights and four days with breakfast and one vaccine dose. TOI received a text from the travel company, putting out disclaimers.

“We are developing vaccine tourism,” the message said and then listed out the manner in which the US might offer access to it, like beginning with healthcare workers, those who are suffering from lifestyle conditions, those aged over 65, and so on, and finally it would be commercially available in hospitals.

“We are not holding or procuring any vaccine. Everything we will arrange will be within the laws of the US. We will only process your requirements. Right now, no time frame can be committed. We do not collect any advance or deposits now. We just need your registration with us with your name, email, cell, age, anyone of physical complications and passport copy. Rest everything will be done as per official permissions of health department there. Unless they announce official sales to people other than Americans citizens, we cannot get you the vaccine,” the message said.

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Source: https://health.economictimes.indiatimes.com/news/industry/vaccine-tourism-mumbai-based-travel-company-offers-four-day-covid-vaccine-tour-to-us/79382337
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