Vaginal tightening surgery is a cosmetic procedure that focu
Dr. Mina Sharma
Vaginal tightening surgery is a cosmetic procedure that focuses on tightening up a vagina, which becomes slack due to growing age or vaginal childbirth. The surgery can be opted for either cosmetic or reconstructive purposes. Some women undergo this surgery to correct Urinary Incontinence, and some females want a reconstructed vagina to enhance their self-confidence. One can visit the Aestiva Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery Clinic for female genital rejuvenation in South Delhi and get satisfactory results. The surgery is performed by an expert plastic surgeon, Dr. Mrinalini Sharma, who has extensive experience in cosmetic and plastic surgery. The clinic is well-equipped with modern state-of-the-art equipment, and the staff is trained to provide world-class service to the patients. For more information about the vaginal tightening surgery in Delhi, visit Aestiva Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery Clinic today!

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