‘Very Low’ Risk Of Heart Issues After Covid Vaccination
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The risk of rare heart inflammation following Covid-19 vaccination is “very low,” and much smaller than the risks linked to a coronavirus infection itself, underscoring the benefits and safety profile of Covid vaccines as many countries begin to roll out second booster doses to protect against new waves of the virus.

The overall risk of myopericarditis—the inflammation of the heart muscle and lining around the heart—following Covid vaccination is low and not significantly different from people receiving vaccines against other diseases.

The risks of rare adverse events “should be offset by the benefits of vaccination, which include a lower risk of infection, hospitalization, severe disease, and death.”
Source: https://www.forbes.com/sites/roberthart/2022/04/11/very-low-risk-of-heart-issues-after-covid-vaccination-large-study-finds/?sh=7184d92c3e95