Virtual ultrasonographic hysteroscopy as a more patient frie
Case Note
A 35-year-old woman presented with premature menopause and previous failure of oocyte donation; our pregnancy rate for this procedure is 80%. She had undergone, at another clinic, operative hysteroscopy intervention during which 2 polyps were removed. However, this last intervention was followed by inflammatory complications. Doctor decided to perform virtual ultrasonographic hysteroscopy as a more patient-friendly procedure.

These observations show that virtual ultrasonographic hysteroscopy can be used as the first-line, patient-friendly method for detection of uterine cavity pathologies, followed, if necessary, by conventional operative hysteroscopy. The image quality is comparable with that obtained by computerized tomography and magnetic resonance imaging.2 In a broader sense, this minimally invasive technique can be considered for examination of other body cavities, such as preovulatory ovarian follicles, embryonic sacs, urinary bladder, or large blood vessels....
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