Virus: More than just a medical drama
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Virus: More than just a medical drama

A must watch movie for doctors

We came across an amazing movie on Amazon Prime Video named Virus and felt that it was an awesome movie for us as doctors to watch. So here, we present a small content to you about the movie.

Virus is a fiction based regional cinema on true events, revolving around the deadly Nipah virus epidemic scare in Calicut, in 2018. A zoonotic disease top-listed by WHO, with no vaccination and treatment protocol, the deadly Nipah kills 75% of those affected. Virus movie documents how the community spirit of a small town, in a tiny state of India, managed to fight the battle and win.

It is chaos as usual at the Kozhikode Medical College when the first of the patients affected by an unknown new virus is brought in, showing strange symptoms of difficulty in breathing, nausea, vomiting. Young doctors on duty are perplexed till Nipah is suspected and later confirmed after checking with the Manipal Virology Institute. The story of Virus, the movie, has been as scary on the screen as it had been when it affected Kerala a year ago.

But what when an environment that is relatively mundane in its day-to-day functioning suddenly faces an unanticipated problem? A medical setting, say, where doctors, hospital workers, health ministers find themselves running around. Where the “bad guy” is an obscure infection and a hard-to-trace set of circumstances that aid its spread.

Indian cinema hasn’t had a robust tradition of the procedural film, which closely follows a group of professionals as they deal with a specific challenge in their field: various threads slowly converging, order emerging from chaos. It takes a special film to depict this situation “realistically” while also playing like a riveting, connect-the-dots thriller, and Aashiq Abu’s Virus is one of the best films I have seen this year. In dramatizing the Nipah virus outbreak in Kerala, it tells a multi-pronged story involving many sets of characters and captures the detached efficiency required by medical professionals – while also giving us insights into their emotional lives and never losing sight of the human stakes involved. It is about not just an outbreak in one part of the country, but also the many ways in which a society might get contaminated, about how an epidemic might play out in a disorganised, overpopulated milieu. 

If you are ok to watch a movie in Malayalam with English subtitles, go ahead and give it a run - you'll love it! Though it is in Malayalam language, and you may face some language barriers, but there is always a first time! Make this your first #OtherLangauge movie, you won't regret it.

Click here to watch the movie on Amazon Prime:

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