Vitamin D Lessens The Risks of Contracting Covid-19: Study
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It is believed that Vitamin D is very effective in strengthening and keeping bones, muscles and teeth healthy. However, new research conducted during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, has found that it was actually very effective in strengthening the body’s immune system, which is of paramount importance in the fight against Covid-19.

A team of researchers, headed by University of Chicago Medicine Dr. David Meltzer, has found that people with vitamin D deficiency were 1.77 times more likely to contract Covid-19, which is way higher than the number of people with a good supply of Vitamin D, who ended up contracting the virus.

The study was conducted on 489 patients, according to reports. Vitamin D is mainly a fat-soluble vitamin, which your body absorbs and stores for your body to stay healthy. This vitamin is responsible for numerous bodily functions such as strengthening the teeth, boosting immunity, strengthening muscles, bones, improving mental health, preventing diabetes and also protecting an individual from heart failure, diabetes.

According to the website Healthline, when the human body is exposed to sunlight, it creates enough vitamin D on its own. This is the reason why this vitamin is also popularly known as the sunshine vitamin. However, there are numerous kinds of foods wherein vitamin D is present to a great degree.

For example, vitamin D can be ingested into the body by consuming foods such as liver oil, salmon, tuna, mushrooms, egg yolk, cow’s milk, orange juice, soybean milk, oatmeal etc. Apart from this, you can also consume vitamin D supplements in the form of capsules.