Vitamin E: A potential preventive approach against dental er
•Palm oil showed a protective effect against enamel erosion as previously published.

• Vitamin E presented a similar anti-erosive effect to palm oil and stannous solution.

• Vitamin E is probably the main component of palm oil in preventing enamel erosion.

• Vitamin E can be a natural option for the development of anti-erosive products.

This study evaluated the in vitro effect of different components of palm oil on enamel in a short-term erosive challenge. The acquired enamel pellicle (AEP) was previously formed in situ for 2 h. Subsequently, the bovine enamel blocks were treated in vitro according to the following solutions: G1-palm oil; G2-85% tocotrienol solution; G3–oily vitamin E; G4–oily vitamin A; G5-deionized water (negative control); G6-stannous-containing solution (Elmex® Erosion Protection Dental Rinse) (positive control). After the application of the treatment solutions (500 µl, 30 s), the blocks were immersed in 0.5% citric acid (pH 2.4) during 30 s (initial erosion). The response variable was the percentage of surface hardness loss. Data were analyzed by one-way ANOVA and Fisher's Test.

The positive control (G6), palm oil (G1), and oily vitamin E (G3) groups presented the lowest percentage of surface hardness loss and were statistically different from the negative group (G5), and no differences were found between these three groups. The 85% tocotrienol solution (G2) and oily vitamin A groups (G4) were not different from the negative control group. Stannous-containing positive control (Elmex® Erosion Protection), palm oil, and oily Vitamin E were able to protect enamel against the erosive challenge performed in this in vitro study. In addition, vitamin E is probably the key ingredient of palm oil responsible for preventing enamel erosion.

Vitamin E presented a similar preventive effect to a commercial mouthwash stannous-containing solution (Elmex® Erosion Protection) against initial erosion and, it can be considered as a promising natural alternative for the formulations of solutions aiming to prevent erosive tooth wear.