Volvulus of the jejunum on cystic lymphangioma: About a clin
Cysticum lymphangioma (CL) is conjunctival malformative vascular tumours corresponding to a detention of lymphatic tissue due to an abnormal embryonic development of the lymphatic system. Intra-abdominal forms are rare and are preferentially situated in the mesentery. Its clinical signs are related to the tumoural volume or a mechanical, infectious or haemorrhagic complication. Inaugural intestinal obstruction is rare, exceptionally by direct compression, more probably by twisting, leading to a small intestinal volvulus. We report the case of abdominal localisation of a child of 7 years with inaugural occlusive manifestation after blind abdominal trauma.
Case Report:
Miss XY, 7 years old, has been sent by Mother-Child Hospital on 12th October 2014 for diffuse abdominal pain. This symptomatology appeared further to an accidental fall on class’ bench 2 days previously. Associated signs were stop of material and gas, bilious postprandial vomiting and anorexia, with hyper sweating. Upon physical examination, the child presented change in the general state, dehydration folds, with a weight of 20 kg, a heart rate of 120 beats/min, a respiratory frequency of 30 cycles/min and a temperature of 37.8°C. Belly was slightly distended, sensitive and no tender without tangible mass. A plain abdominal X-ray had realised before her evacuation, allowed highlighting water and gas levels higher than wide making evoke a small intestine occlusion. Rate of haemoglobin was 11.8 g/dL, haematocrit 35.5% and Group A positive....