Vulvovaginal Infralevator Haematoma Mimicking the Second Sta
Case Presentation
A 26-year-old now Para 1 was referred from a peripheral hospital to the Teaching Hospital because of persistent “bearing down” efforts after a spontaneous vaginal delivery of a live male neonate with birth weight of 3400?gm six (6) hours prior to presentation. The labour had lasted about 9 hours. The birth attendant, having examined the patient again and excluded the possibility of an undiagnosed twin, decided to refer her for expert management.
Examination on admission revealed a young lady who was pale, dehydrated, and intermittently straining in response to “the irresistible urge to push.” Her pulse rate was 102 beats/min, regular and of moderate volume with a blood pressure of 120/70?mmHg. The uterus was about 20-week pregnancy size and was well contracted. Pelvic examination revealed a blood-smeared vulva with a tender swelling involving the right labia minus and majus measuring about 4?cm by 4?cm....