WHO Agrees Compensation Fund For Serious COVAX Vaccine Side
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The World Health Organization has agreed a no-fault compensation plan for claims of serious side effects in people in 92 poorer countries due to get Covid-19 vaccines via the COVAX sharing scheme, resolving a big concern among recipient governments.

The programme, which the WHO said was the first and only vaccine injury compensation mechanism operating on an international scale, will offer eligible people "a fast, fair, robust and transparent process", the WHO said in a statement. "By providing a no-fault lump-sum compensation in full and final settlement of any claims, the COVAX programme aims to significantly reduce the need for recourse to the law courts, a potentially lengthy and costly process," the statement said.

Questions of how compensation claims would be handled in the event of any serious Covid-19 vaccine side effects, had been a worry for countries due to get Covid-19 shots via the COVAX plan. The WHO-agreed plan is designed to cover serious side effects linked to any COVAX-distributed vaccines until June 30, 2022. The programme will be financed initially from donor funding to the AMC.

COVAX aims to secure equitable global access to Covid-19 vaccines. The WHO is also working with the insurance firm Chubb to secure insurance coverage for the programme. applications can be made via a portal at www.covaxclaims.com from March 31, 2021, the WHO said.

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