WHO: India’s corona battle will make or break global war
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India may well determine the future trajectory of Covid-19, declared a global pandemic by the World Health Organisation (WHO), especially in the manner India handles the unprecedented crisis from here.

Dr. Michael J Ryan, executive director of WHO health emergencies programme, said while commenting on Covid-19: “India, like China, is a hugely populous country. The future of this pandemic, to a greater extent, will be determined on what happens in very large and densely populated countries.” “So, it’s really important that India continues to take aggressive action at the public health level and at the level of society to contain, control, suppress this disease and save lives,” Ryan said.

He added that India led the world in eradicating two silent killers — smallpox and polio. “Smallpox killed more people on this planet than all wars together. India, through targeted public health interventions, ended that disease and gave a great gift to the world. India also eliminated polio, another silent killer, and did a tremendous job on surveillance, on finding cases, and vaccinating and doing all the things that needed to be done,” Ryan said.

Source: https://health.economictimes.indiatimes.com/news/industry/who-indias-corona-battle-will-make-or-break-global-war/74801887
Image Credit: Axios
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