WHO Recommends Shorter Treatment Regimens For Drug Resistant
WHO update includes shorter novel 6-month all-oral regimens for the treatment of multidrug and rifampicin-resistant TB (MDR / RR-TB), with or without additional resistance to fluoroquinolones (pre-XDR-TB) as well as an alternative 9-month all-oral regimen for the treatment of MDR/RR-TB.

The guidance is based on evidence gathered in two phase-3 clinical trials- TB PRACTECAL and ZeNIX that found the BPaLM and BPaL regimens to be highly effective (89% cure rate and higher) in patients with MDR/RR-TB over the age of 15. It will be of great benefit for people struggling with TB and drug resistant TB, resulting in better outcomes, saving lives and reducing suffering.

Source: WHO