WHO bans ‘GENE EDITED’ babies!
THE WORLD’S LARGEST public health authority has weighed in with the most authoritative statement yet on the use of CRISPR to alter the DNA of human babies. Eight months after a rogue Chinese scientist revealed he had secretly created the world’s first gene-edited children, the World Health Organization is asking countries to put a stop to any experiments that would lead to the births of more gene-edited humans. The WHO’s director-general put out a statement urging “that regulatory authorities in all countries should not allow any further work in this area until its implications have been properly considered.”

While stopping short of the all-out moratorium that many scientists called for in the hours and days after Chinese scientist He Jiankui revealed his controversial work in November, the WHO’s position is a strong rebuke of He’s work. But whether it will prove a powerful deterrent to any who would hope to follow in his footsteps remains to be seen.

Human germline editing is already effectively banned in the US, because of a law preventing the US Food and Drug Administration from even reviewing clinical trial applica¬tions involving genetically modified human embryos. But in Russia, at least one scientist has started to make plans to begin testing CRISPR in IVF clinics to prevent inherited deafness. And because CRISPR components, unlike enriched plutonium, can be easily acquired over the internet for research purposes, there’s little the WHO can do to curb unscrupulous scientists from conscripting IVF physicians into creating underground embryo-editing clinics. But for aboveboard efforts to test gene editing at the embryo level, the WHO’s stance could come as a real blow.

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Source: https://www.wired.com/story/the-world-health-organization-says-no-more-gene-edited-babies/
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