WHO in close contact with Russian health ministry for 'rigor
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On Tuesday, 11 August, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced that the country was the first to developed and registered the first vaccine (Sputnik V vaccine) against the novel coronavirus.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has responded to Russia's claim by saying that a rigorous review of the vaccine's safety data needs to be submitted if the country wants the WHO's stamp of approval.

"Pre-qualification of any vaccine includes the rigorous review and assessment of all the required safety and efficacy data," Tarik Jasarevic, spokesperson for WHO, said during an online press briefing.

"We are in close contact with the Russian health authorities and discussions are ongoing with respect to possible WHO pre-qualification of the vaccine."

The Russian health minister Mikhail Murashko, however, claims that the vaccine has shown high efficacy and safety, implying that Phase 2 trials have been completed.

Murashko said that a mass vaccination campaign against the novel coronavirus will begin in October, with the first doses given to doctors and teachers.

Russia has got "preliminary applications" from around 20 countries to secure a total of over 1 billion doses of their Gamaleya vaccine. They have inked agreements with five countries to produce a total of 500 million doses a year.

Source: https://www.firstpost.com/health/russias-sputnik-v-covid-19-vaccine-who-in-close-contact-with-russian-health-ministry-for-rigorous-review-of-safety-efficacy-data-8698901.html
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