Waiting time for chemotherapy session at Delhi's AIIMS: Infi
The number of cancer patients admitted every year: 36,000. The number of beds available for chemotherapy: 36. While not every cancer patient admitted would require chemotherapy, the disparity explains why the wait for a chemo session could be "infinite" at AIIMS which houses one of India's top cancer centres, the Bhim Rao Institute Rotary Cancer Hospital (IRCH).

A recent review conducted by the institute says the cancer centre is crumbling under the load of patients since their numbers have only grown while infrastructure has not. The AIIMS report says patients seeking one to two week-long chemotherapy have to wait "infinitely" for their turn. Those undergoing three-week-long chemotherapy often miss their dates due to unavailability of beds. The crisis does not end here. The IRCH does not have a dedicated MRI facility so patients have to queue up with the rest at AIIMS. So they could end up waiting upto a year or more for the crucial diagnostic test. Should surgery be in order, they could wait for one to three months....