Wandering spleen with splenic torsion in a child with DiGeor
Wandering spleen is a rare condition, occurring due to either abnormal development of or abnormal laxity of suspensory ligaments. The hypermobility of the spleen predisposes these patients to splenic torsion, which may be a life-threatening complication.

A 7-year-old boy who is nonverbal with DiGeorge syndrome, tetralogy of Fallot (status postrepair), and a single dysplastic kidney with stage III chronic kidney disease presented to an outside emergency department. He was febrile to 100.5°F and had left-sided abdominal pain and guarding.

He had a recent laparoscopic appendectomy 1 week prior performed for severe right-sided abdominal pain and the presence of appendicoliths. Computed tomography (CT) of the abdomen was performed and showed geographic areas of hypodensity and stranding of the involving the spleen. He was transferred to pediatric emergency department.

Source: Radiology case reports

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