War against weight begins, docs aim 80-kg loss for Eman in f
The medical management regimen planned for Eman Ahmed Abdelaty, the world’s heaviest woman, is expected to reduce her 500-kg weight by 80 kg over the next four weeks, doctors at Saifee Hospital said on Monday. They said her treatment has begun, and she has been put on a high-protein, high-fibre diet and dairy supplement diet.

Eman has a BMI of 252 and is only 141cm (4 feet 6 inches) tall. She has high blood pressure, hyperthyroidism, gout, diabetes and sleep apnea. Before starting the bariatric surgery, doctors want to wait for genetic tests to rule out genetic abnormality such as leptin deficiency. The doctors have initiated a study of the 91 different gene types isolated with obesity-related syndromes, and the reports will take four weeks too.

A team of 13 doctors is working on Eman's treatment.

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