Ways to Encourage Your Patients to Make Better Health Choice
Helping patients make lasting lifestyle changes is one of the most challenging aspects of medical care. It’s one thing to tell a patient what to do, but another to help them succeed in changing their behavior for the long term.

Behavioral science techniques can be used to encourage cooperative behavior in your patients. Try the following steps to impact your patients’ health positively

1. Therapy techniques will help you become a better doctor

The methods used in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) helps in encouraging positive behaviors and decreasing harmful ones. By rewarding your patients for making healthier food and lifestyle choices, you can help them make lasting health changes.

2. Expand your influence outside the treatment room

Research shows that physician-patient communication improves health outcomes, enhances patient satisfaction, and increases treatment compliance. Once you determine the target behavior that needs to change, use this personal connection to make a difference and create a way to track it.

3. Determine the ABCs ------- Antecedent, Behavior, and Consequence

Understanding how antecedent, behavior, and consequence interact can help you better serve your patients and impact their decisions. ABA therapy uses a three-step process to change behaviors, represented in the acronym ABC.

- “Antecedents”, more commonly known as triggers, are the events that happen just before a “Behavior” occurs. “Consequences” are the result of a particular behavior. Imagine you have a diabetic patient who can’t limit sweets when attending a party.
- The party food is the antecedent, while the resulting behavior is eating too much sugar. The consequence is high and uncontrolled blood sugar.

4. Take advantage of messaging software or apps offered by your clinic or hospital to provide positive feedback to your patients. Use verbal praise to reward compliance with medication or good lifestyle choices that result in a health status change. You’ll develop stronger relationships with your patients and impact their health at the same time.

Detailed information on ABA therapy: https://www.autismspeaks.org/applied-behavior-analysis-aba-0
Source: https://mommd.com/ways-to-encourage-your-patients-to-make-better-health-choices/
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