"We Are Still Waking Up From the Trauma": Doctor's Recollect
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George Azar, MD, is a cardiology resident at Saint George Hospital in Beirut, Lebanon. Saint George is less than a mile from the Beirut port where a warehouse filled with ammonium nitrate exploded on August 4th, killing over 200 people and injuring thousands more.

These are Azar's recollections of that day.

"August 4th was just a regular day. After examining my patient and answering questions, I saw black smoke coming from the Beirut port."

"A few seconds later, we heard the boom, a very loud boom. The building was shaking. There was the big blast, the sound waves that broke the windows."

"When I stood up and looked around me, I don't know how to formulate it, but I kept my focus — I tried to be composed as much as possible. This is what we have been trained to do."

"One of the nurses was in very bad shape. She had severe internal haemorrhage. Unfortunately, we could not save the nurse's life, since the ER was also severely affected by the blast."

"Injured patients started coming in from neighbouring houses.
We started assessing those who could be bandaged or lightly sutured. That's all the resources that we could provide at that time. We were referring patients to other hospitals where they could seek proper care."

"After the blast, everyone was facing two major problems. The first was the psychological trauma on top of the physical trauma. The second big problem was the coronavirus. We were distracted from the threat due to the blast, but the virus is still here."

"As doctors, we have an oath to do no harm — to help everyone."

"After the explosion, every doctor respected this oath and came to help despite their injuries, despite their wounds. From a career standpoint, it gave me a push forward to be more perseverant, to be focused and composed in crisis times. From a personal standpoint, I think we are still waking up from the trauma."

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