We Salute Our Corona Warriors On Independence Day
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The COVID-19 pandemic waged an unprecedented war, which is being fought unceasingly by the country’s healthcare sector.

Independence has assumed a new meaning this year for everyone around the country and the world.

This Independence Day, therefore, we look at how COVID frontline warriors have been walking in and out of wards every single day; of how they have faced stigma, and how they continue to serve nonetheless, and if the meaning of the day and freedom have changed in any way for them.

Dr Yatin Mehta, Chairman, Institute of Critical Care and Anaesthesiology, Medanta Hospital shares, "for me, freedom means political and psychological, along with freedom of thought and expression — these are important for us as doctors and healthcare workers, just like how it is for society."

"When something is not right, we should have the freedom to express it. In some of the hospitals, the staff was not provided with PPE kits, for instance. And people could not open their mouths. There is something called freedom to life, and in this case, there was a threat to this freedom. If you want to give good care to the COVID-positive patients, you ought to protect the warriors also,” he says.

Dr Mehta goes on to say that while every PPE is not the same, healthcare workers must be allowed the freedom to openly ask for good-quality kits.

“And nobody has the right or the ‘freedom’ to beat doctors. On a personal level, I would be happy for the pandemic to end, and for me to go on a vacation with my family.”

Dr Manoj Arora, the Additional Director of Nephrology at Fortis Hospital Shalimar Bagh says all doctors want independence from the novel coronavirus this year.

“We all wish to be free, but this is not to say that we become negligent; we have to be strict while yearning for freedom. We need to be more disciplined this year if we really want to be independent and fight with the virus,” he says.

Source: https://indianexpress.com/article/lifestyle/health/independence-day-2020-what-does-the-day-mean-for-covid-warriors-this-year-6554907/
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