We are 'Better Doctors' when we 'Become Teachers'
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"About a year ago, I began evaluating how much my patients knew about their health issues and educating them accordingly. The experience has transformed the way I practice and I believe widespread use of this approach will transform healthcare."

"I heard an interview with Dr. Mehmet Oz in which he mentioned that the origin of the word doctor is the Latin word for teacher. I was taken aback. Thinking of myself as a teacher when interacting with patients was a new concept."

• Teachers clear up misconceptions

"When reviewing medications, I ask patients if they know why they are taking them. It has been startling to see that the majority of individuals are completely unaware of their medications. I help them understand why. During the discussion, I ascertain their knowledge of their conditions."

• Building patient-doctor partnerships as teachers

"We should stop looking for ways to build Doctor-Patient relationships and instead start fostering and strengthening Patient-Doctor partnerships."

"By making time during office visits and hospital assessments to educate and have discussions with patients, we can create an environment where they feel included in their care. This way, they are more likely to work with us to maintain or improve their health."

• Teachers create a positive feedback loop

"Teaching and self-education bolster the patients’ experience as well as our own. Prior to the lecture or talk, we review as much background information on the topic as possible to prepare ourselves. This engrains knowledge and facts."

"It also provides the opportunity to use the response and feedback of the students or audience to gauge our comprehension and ability to clearly and cohesively convey it."

Author: Emeka Onyedika, MD, is a physician evaluator conducting in-home health evaluations.

Source: https://www.mdlinx.com/physiciansense/we-are-better-doctors-when-we-become-teachers/
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