We salute doctors on the frontline, stopping Pandemic!
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Health professionals are always the ones who shoulder most of the weight during a crisis such as pandemics. Doctors are looking eye-to-eye with the coronavirus and risking their lives daily.

We salute doctors whose frontline jobs entail lots of sacrifices.
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M●●●v S●●●●a General Medicine
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Dr. R●●●●●i B●●●●a Physiotherapy
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Dr. V●●●●●●j D●●●i Legal Medicine
Doctors, nurses, technicians, attendants, and all sensible people including the administration ie officers & h' ble members of the government (the better ones in the various state governments & central government) are heroes when they do the most reasonable & responsible deeds. Once we come out of this menace created by COVID 19, let us learn the lessons from experience and congratulate ourselves. I believe that fortunately the better medical system & the warmer climate in our country (which hinders viral growth) saved us a bit as compared to for those in colder countries.... Read more
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