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As India looks to strengthen its COVID-19 response amid rising cases, there has been a sharp fall in the reporting of other ailments, including tuberculosis (TB). In fact, according to a government report, TB notifications have dropped by as much as 60% since March 2020.

With the disease estimated to kill 4.8 lakh Indians every year - or more than 1,400 every day - the prognosis under the current circumstances, where serious TB cases are possibly going untreated, does not look good. What is more, despite the relatively low fatality rate of COVID-19 in India, the daily tally is threatening to reach TB levels - over 1,100 died of COVID-19 in just one day in September.

What makes these statistics even more critical is that given the similar range of symptoms for both diseases, and the fact that the prevalence of TB among COVID-19 patients can heighten the risk of a poor outcome, it is important to fight both problems together.

Aligning with its commitment to eliminate TB in the country by 2025 and given the fact that neglecting one disease can adversely impact patients of the other, the government has ordered bidirectional testing for both. This should pave the way for better diagnosis of both diseases to curb its spread, as well as set a precedent for effective planning and preparedness in the event of another pandemic like this in the future.

Join Practo Connect’s upcoming webinar with Project JEET on September 19 at 4 PM to delve deeper into this. Hosted exclusively for the doctors, by the doctors, it will include an interactive discussion on tools and technologies used for the diagnosis of both COVID-19 and Tuberculosis and how both public health challenges can be managed together.

To register, click: http://bit.ly/practo-webinar6
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