Wernickes encephalopathy due to hyperemesis gravidarum: Clin
We enrolled five patients with WE in a setting of hyperemesis gravidarum during a 3-year period (2012–2015). Mean age was 28 years (range, 23–34 years). All patients were multigravida, of which four were second gravida and one patient was third gravida. All patients had onset of symptoms in the second trimester, following prolonged severe vomiting. Neurological symptoms appeared generally within 14–40 days of vomiting. Median time delay between onset of neurological symptoms and diagnosis was 7 days. Initial central nervous system symptoms included disturbance in memory (three patients), psychotic symptoms (three patients), unsteadiness with walking (two patients), and diplopia (one patient). When acute WE was suspected, four patients had higher mental function disturbance including psychosis (3) and amnesia (3). Clinical features are summarized in [Table 1]. Nystagmus was the most common ocular sign. One patient had severe peripheral neuropathy-sensory-motor axonal type and another had papilledema....