West Bengal’s top doctors turn out fakes, arrests blow lid o
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Being a top allergy and asthma specialist practising at one of the Kolkata's premier hospitals or an MD in integrative oncology or even a Presidential Awardee does not compensate for having fake medical degrees. West Bengal's top doctors made it big even without basic qualification thanks to a racket run by a whole range of dubious medical colleges that grew with at the same rate as the number of fake doctors. These included people who failed Class 12 examination and twice drop out of a homeopathy college.

The racket was busted when 2 fake doctors were arrested in May this year and once police investigations sped up, they all fell like dominos. The impact was traced up to the best hospitals in the state but the core of this fiasco is the fake universities and colleges. Number of fake doctors is estimated at 500-550 but how the fake institutes flourished for so long is yet to be determined.

The institutes named in the FIR are Alternative Medical Council Calcutta (AMCC) at Barasat, Indian Board of Alternative Medicine (IBAM) at Bhawanipore, Council of Alternative Systems of Medicines (CASM) at Behala and Indian Council of Alternative Medicine (ICAM) at Bowbazar but under MCI rules, only three regulatory bodies are entitled to issue approval to institutes for teaching medicine: MCI for modern medicine; the Central Council of Indian Medicine (CCIM) and the Central Council of Homeopathy (CCH) for alternative medicine.

Source: Hindustan Times
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It' s all mistakes & irresponcibility of govt & health administration , so the fake doctors & institutions r growing up unable to curb quackary .framing rules®ulations; on qualified people, genuine institutions whole India is in this situation!
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