What are platelet-rich plasma injections? Why is Tiger Woods
The only thing worse than sustaining an injury to the body is not being able to find a therapy that will help it get better.Jeffrey James, a DO with Premier Orthopedics, believes there’s hope to that problem through a therapy called platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections, a newer technique designed to promote healing by using the body’s own reparative processes. Platelets are the body’s best reparative agent to injuries. PRP injections deliver high-concentration of these healing agents directly to the injury, jump-starting the healing process and, in some cases, speeding it up.

PRP injections are created by taking platelets from a person’s blood through an in-office procedure. Once a patient’s blood is drawn, it is then spun through a special centrifuge device that separates the platelets from all other aspects of the blood. The isolated platelets are then injected back into the area of injury by use of ultrasound to ensure a precise delivery, Dr. James said.“Platelet-rich plasma injections are different from other injections used to instantly relieve joint pain,” Dr. James said. “This is a healing treatment that is completed through multiple injections. However, the end-result is a more effective and sometimes quicker recovery.”

PRP injections have gained exposure in recent years due to high-profile athletes, such as golfer Tiger Woods and tennis star Rafael Nadal, receiving the therapy for various problems such as sprained knees or chronic tendon injuries. Some athletes have credited PRP with being able to return more quickly to competition, according to the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons.

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